What we've done differently

How we aim to disrupt the norm and change the rhetoric.

No more paperwork

Until now, things like paper applications, dealing sheets, benefit forms and more have all had to be hand filled using pdf editors, sent to clients for wet signing, rescanned and emailed back, certified then sent to the provider.


With Invinitive there is NO paperwork.

I repeat.. No more paperwork!

Everything is digital, everything is online, you never have to waste another sheet of paper again!

Advisor Pay

For most other Pension providers in this space you have to invoice them manually, await for the provider to free up some cash, receive it and then wait for them to pay it out.  This process can take up to 6 weeks normally.

We pay immediately.

You’ve worked hard for the client you shouldn’t have to wait to get paid.  With Invinitive we pay any initial fees to you/your firm the moment the transfer is received.  

We pay all ongoing fees on the 2nd of the month or the 2nd day of the quarter, depending on your preference (this can be changed from client to client and not a default).  These fees are paid directly to your cash account with Invinitive immediately on the 2nd via automation.  You can then withdraw what you want directly to your firm’s account and distribute from there.

Why the 2nd?

This is because we take the burden off your shoulders to send fee invoices to your clients on the 1st to provide them with a notification that “your advisor is due to be paid..” and this gives the client 24h to query the amount with us (in case it might be incorrect) before it is debited.  The process is completely automated and helps keep you in compliance with many of the regulators.

Asset Range

Many providers offer different options when it comes to the range of assets they offer within the platform.  Some restrict to ETFs and Mutual Funds and some allow the same plus Bonds, Structured Products and more.

Permitted Assets.

When building Invinitive we wanted to offer a good spread of options within our asset range.  Given most advisors use ETFs and Mutual Funds, these were top of the list.  Invinitive also has a full range of Equity positions from the US, Europe and the UK.

From this we decided to take it one step further and offer a live trading facility on equities and ETFs.  This way you get to see the price and you get to make the decision to buy or sell based on that price instead of placing an amalgamated order that might take hours to be placed or fill in a paper dealing form that can take up to 3 days to be placed.

That delay can cause a client to lose out. 

Let’s look at this example.

A client wants to buy a £25,000 position and by the time it actually trades it is now 0.5% higher. 

That is a loss of growth of £125. 

Imagine the same client trades 8 times a year and the same thing happens each time.  That issue now becomes £1,000 in losses over the year. 

If you have 100 clients, this is now a £100,000 loss to your entire portfolio assuming the same situation.

Clients have lost growth and you have lost revenue!


We want to work with you

The team at Invinitive all have experience in the offshore space.  We understand and acknowledge all of the things that annoy you when it comes to product providers.

Invinitive has resolved them!

We took what we perceived as all of the major bottlenecks and problems associated with the current providers and solved them when building Invinitive, however;  there might be things we didn’t think about.  Enhancements to our proposition, Changes to the way things are done, whether that be processes or process flows.

If so, let us know.

We want to work with you to make your life easier.

If you have any idea’s, please let them be known.  We want Invinitive to be your go to product of choice for your clients, where it is suitable and to do this, we want to work alongside you and enhance our proposition where possible.

PS We do have an APP in the works so bear with us on that.

Do I have full visibility over my Advisors accounts?

If you are a firm owner or a sales director you will have a Master Account with Invinitive and your Advisors will have Advisory accounts that sit underneath the master. 

Your coordinators, paraplanners, secretaries and administrative staff can also have account visibility but they will not have the ability to take action on the account (in terms of trading and benefit requests etc). 

Lightning Fast Administration

We have automated 98% of Invinitive.  

The 2% that is left is automated as far as possible, but owing to FCA rules some of our process have to be processed manually.  Where we do anything manually we do it at lightning speed.

Our Service Level Agreements on manual process are as follows:

  • PCLS will be paid within 24 hours of receiving the request (subject to Money Helper requirements, where applicable)
  • Adhoc based Flexi Access Payments will be made within 48 hours
  • Transfer Out’s to another provider will take no more than 1 week (subject to Money Helper requirements, where applicable)
  • We aim to answer all emails the same day but no longer than 24 hours

How we compare on fees

Costs of running a pension do not need to be extortionate.  Many of the providers in this space have a lot of additional fees that we chose not to utilise when building Invinitive.

Invinitive is not fragmented and because we are not fragmented our fees tend to be lower.

We are low cost

Our simple and transparent fees are as follows:

  • £150 per annum for the SIPP
    • This is taken on the 1st January in full.  If a member joins mid year their fee is pro-rated.
    • This fee is only applicable if your client has more than £50,000.  If their total value is below £50,000 the the Invinitive SIPP is FREE


  • We charge 0.25% on Assets held on our platform
    • We cap this fee at £400 per annum.  If your client has more than £160,000 then they pay no more than £400 per annum


  • Trading is £7.95.  That’s it!
    • No hidden commissions, third party commissions, custody costs etc.  Super Simple!
    • This is for all Equities, all ETFs, all Mutual Funds and FX regardless of the size of the position.


  • Absolutely ZERO benefit access costs.
    • We will never charge your client to work out 25% of their pension and therefore we have no BCE access costs, no Adhoc payment charges or Monthly benefit payout costs.
    • All we charge is £4.95 for a transfer fee to a UK bank and £25 for an international transfer.

Defined Benefits

We all know the biggest ticket clients have Defined Benefit pensions and as we all know there are only a handful of providers that will now take Defined Benefits especially given the vast majority of APTA reports are negative.

Unfortunately we do not take DB transfers

It’s not that we don’t want to, we just can’t.  

Given the current state of affairs in the UK around DB claims, the only realistic way of accepting Defined Benefit transfers is when you have PI cover in place to aid you when a claim occurs, especially in the wake of the appeal outcome from the Adams v Options case.  There is no Insurance companies in the UK that will underwrite a PI policy for a new firm.  They are however happy to renew existing policies.

As an adviser it is worthwhile considering the costs of running your fragmented SIPP combination versus paying the transfer out fee and the fees payable at Invinitive, especially if you have a client with a larger fund value or a client with a smaller fund value where the costs of running a fragmented SIPP would see them paying north of 1% for their pension without advisory costs.  We have all the comparison calculators at our disposal if you ever wish to discuss pricing comparisons.

Discretionary v Non Discretionary

Many advisors offer the clients the choice of Discretionary and Non Discretionary mandates and some are dictated by their regulatory licenses.

We can help with both.

This is client specific and not a default (one or other).

If you offer a Discretionary mandate for your clients you have the ability to trade for your clients directly and this feature will be switched off for your client.

If you offer a Non Discretionary mandate for your clients you have the ability to initiate a trade which is then sent through to your client to “approve”.  Once approved it is then sent to the market to be executed.

How do I onboard with Invinitive?

  • If you are an individual “one man band” firm, then you can onboard immediately.


  • If you work for a firm, you will need to get your compliance team or sales director to onboard as a firm and then they can add you and your colleagues under their Master Account once opened


  • If you are the company owner or a director of the firm then you can start the process immediately.  Once your account is opened you can add as many Advisors and Administration staff as you need to.


  • If you are part of a network, then please ask the Network to reach out to us or provide us with their details and we will arrange to do terms of business and vice versa.

To onboard please visit – Invinitive

Please note that ALL Firms must be regulated / licensed to conduct this activity.

Advisors must be qualified to provide pension advice or investment advice.  That qualification doesn’t necessary need to be Level 4, it could be the IMC, the FAIQ, the Series 65 etc etc.  We will review each application individually.  If you are acting in an advisory capacity at present, but are not qualified then you would only be able to have administrative access with Invinitive. 

We ultimately want to avoid having people advising clients on pension transfers with no prior experience of doing so or any financial background.

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